In September 2018, strange projects popped up inside shipping containers in London. As a part of the London Design Week, the Biodesign Here Now by Open Cell showcased the innovative mindsets of biodesigners today. Luis Guzmán, our chief creative officer, represented Mycterials and set up our most eco-centric exhibition yet.

Introducing EcoSpaces

In contrast to mixing mycelium with metals and magnets, we hoped to present something concrete – something 100% alive and 100% sustainable. Our new biodesign concept ‘EcoSpace’ is a closed ecosystem made of a bioplastic, on which plants and mycelium interact and create a symbiotic exchange of CO² and oxygen.

EcoSpace by Luis Guzmán, London Design Festival

EcoSpace proposes an architectural approach in which polycaprolactone, a biodegradable polymer, provides support and guidance for the growth process of the organisms while simultaneously giving nutrients for the development of the ecosystem.

On a thematic level, the piece explores the future of terraforming due to the accelerated destruction of natural ecosystems.

We hope this initiative contributes to the designing of ecosystems in public as well as private spaces in the near future, and helps to reduce the impact of the loss of biodiversity in urban areas.

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